Betargin (arginine+betaine) is one of the most efficacious and reliable medications to protect, cleanse and regenerate the liver.

Due to its unique amino acid composition, Betargin is successfully used in such diseases as hepatitis C, alcoholic liver disease, drug-induced and toxic hepatitis, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in adults and children from 12 years.

Betargin facilitates the quick improvement of biochemical and histological hepatic parameters, relieves the nausea and feeling of heaviness in the right hypochondrium, promotes the normalization of the digestion process and allows to quickly recover from the intoxication consequences.

Betargin has an effect on the retardation of aging due to the action of its active components, amino acids arginine and betaine.

Betargin (arginine+betaine) is effective in the conditions associated with the protein metabolism disorder – in stresses, asthenia, traumas, starvation, loss of strength, performance impairment, overloads and age-related changes.

See the package insert of Betargin to review the recommendation for Betargin use and detailed information about its composition.