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Oral solution

Composition: 1 ampoule (10 ml) contains: arginine citrate neutral - 1.0 g, betaine hydrochloride - 0.5 g, betaine - 0.5 g; excipients: saccharose, vine natural flavoring agent, benzoic acid (Е 210), purified water.

Nutrition (feeding) value (g/10 ml): proteins - 1.51 g, fats - 0.03 g, carbohydrates - 0.09 g.

Caloric (energy) value, kcal/10 ml: 19.47 kcal/10 ml.

Recommendations for use:

Can be used in the diets prescribed by the doctor as a source of amino acids, arginine and betaine, to improve the functioning of the hepatobiliary system, support the normal and recover the impaired hepatic function. 


General properties:

Betargin® is a source of the amino acids, arginine and betaine, which are used to normalize and recover the impaired function of the hepatobiliary system. Arginin is the amino acid, which is involved in the protein biosynthesis and metabolism of urea, promotes the release of the end products of the protein breakdown and increases the detoxification function of the liver. Arginine is an important component in the biosynthesis of nitric oxide (NO), it helps to maintain the nitrogen balance, excretion of the residual toxic nitrogen, has an antioxidant effect, normalizes the microcirculation in the liver, saturating it with oxygen and improves the hemodynamic parameters.

Arginine also improves the intracellular metabolism in hepatocytes, stimulates their activity, reduces the formation of free radicals, which are harmful for the liver cells, reduces inflammation and hypoxia, promotes the regeneration of hepatocytes.

Betaine is a lipotropic substance that is involved in the biosynthesis of phospholipids, transport of triglycerides, oxidation and utilization of fats. It prevents and reduces the hepatic steatosis.

Citrate ions, which are contained in Betargin®, facilitate the digestive process in the case of increased acidity, reduce acidosis and relieve the dyspeptic manifestations (nausea, feeling of heaviness in the stomach, bloating), which are common in liver diseases.

Betargin may be used in the functional hepatic disorders in viral hepatitis, hepatosis, steatosis, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, cirrhosis and to recover from the consequences of the hepatotoxic action of the alcohol, medicinal products and other toxic agents in the conditions associated with the protein metabolism disorders (stresses, asthenia, traumas and starvation).


Precautions for use: hypersensitivity to the individual components. Marked renal failure. With caution during pregnancy and lactation.


Recommendations for use: adults: 1-3 ampoules per day after the meal. Break off both ends of the ampoule, dissolve the content of one ampoule in half a glass of water and drink.


Consult the doctor before use.

Recommended period of use: 3-4 weeks. Discuss the further use with the doctor.

Pharmaceutical form: solution in the 10.0 ml ampoules in the manufacturer packaging.


Storage: at the temperature not exceeding + 25 ° С, out of the reach of children.

Shelf life before use: 5 years after the date of manufacture.

It is not a medicinal product. Dietary supplement. Conclusion of the State sanitary and epidemiological inspection report No. 05.03.02-03/1050 dated January 15, 2013.


Manufacturer: Pharmatis S.A.S., address: Zone D'activités est No. 1, 60190 Estrées, Saint-Denis, France.

Importer: Pharmunion BSV DevelopmentLLC, Ukraine.