Hepatic diseases

Liver is the main laboratory of the human body.

The slightest disorder of at least one of the hepatic functions can result in the serious disturbances in the body processes.

Why do the hepatic diseases develop?

Experts identify the various reasons, but the most common include the infectious viral lesions, impaired fat metabolism and alcohol abuse.

Еру long-term use of some medicinal products or prolonged contact with the toxins can affect the liver – liver functions as it simply gets poisoned and fails to function properly. Genetic predisposition plays a significant role when the patient immune system identifies the hepatic and billiary cells as foreign ones.

Liver disorders also can be triggered by the parasites, which directly infect the hepatic tissue, blood diseases, tuberculosis, heart failure – the causes are numerous, and only the proper diagnostics can answer the questions: why a person has this problem, how to provide the most effective treatment of liver diseases.

Ecology and lifestyle undoubtedly play an important role including the habits and responsibility for their own health. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the risk factors, know the signs and symptoms of the hepatic disorders to early detect the liver diseases.