Asthenic syndrome

Fatigue is a normal condition of the body, which was forced to endure increased loads for some time. The problems begin not with the onset of fatigue per se, but when it becomes chronic. Asthenia is the chronic fatigue syndrome; this condition develops gradually and does not resolve after a normal rest or sleep.

Description of the disease

Let’s see what asthenia is. Asthenic syndrome is a serious psychopathological condition associated with the following symptoms:

  • decreased cheerfulness, activity;
  • apathy;
  • sleeping problems;
  • vegetative disorders;
  • emotional instability.
A person may be in a broken state or be over-excited, tolerates loud noises and other external stimuli very poorly. Asthenia must be distinguished from ordinary fatigue, which, even a very intensive one, is resolved after a good rest. The syndrome develops as a result of increased emotional, mental stress with a lack of physical activity. In children, this condition is called asthenic neurosis. Preschoolers and school children with asthenia can be irritable and apathic at the same time, complain of migraines, poor appetite, and muscular weakness. The causes of development of this syndrome in children are the same as in adults. Asthenia can be a response to stress, disease, that is, to have functional nature. People at risk include those with endocrine pathologies, depleted CNS. Often chronic fatigue develops after strokes, vascular diseases, degenerative changes. Acute asthenia is a result of stressful events, and chronic one is organic in nature, associated with certain processes in brain portions.

Why this condition needs to be treated

Mood swings, permanent fatigue, reduced ability to solve intellectual tasks, mental disorders, and autonomic disorders — these are only the main symptoms of asthenia. The hazard of the syndrome is that it can turn from an acute form into a chronic one and cause severe organic changes in brain activity, depression, increasing anxiety, phobias. The quality of life decreases abruptly, people begin to feel guilt for no particular reason, to condemn themselves, they lose the ability to enjoy life.


The diagnosis is often difficult to establish, since some other diseases have symptoms similar to asthenia. For a long time, a person may not recognize fatigue, since the cult of permanent activity and cheerfulness exists in the society. To check your health and establish the exact cause of the problems, you will need to be examined by a wide range of specialists — from a therapist to a neurologist and an infectious diseases specialist.


It is important to normalize the work and rest routine, and not temporarily, but permanently. The diet should be balanced, contain trace elements necessary for health. Medicinal products indicated in asthenia are:

  • vitamins;
  • trace elements;
  • adaptogens;
  • nootropics.

    Remember that only a doctor may prescribe treatment.

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