Benefits of Betargin for women and men

Five reasons to start taking Betargin: benefits for men and women

Betargin is a dietary supplement made in France. It is known for its efficiency and versatility. A standard dosage form, L-Betargin for athletes and children’s formula prescribed for acetonemia are available. 

Betargin is prescribed in functional disorders in the digestive tract, intestines, for purification and general strengthening of the body. It contains betaine, arginine hydrochloride, sucrose, benzoic acid, flavors and purified water. The supplement is useful for women and men, regardless of age, can be used as a tonic and as a part of complex therapy.

How it works

Arginine is an amino acid that accelerates protein biosynthesis processes, activates the urea metabolism, supports the liver. Arginine also eliminates toxins, purifies the body, therefore it is indispensable for intoxications and related functional disorders. The amino acid saturates liver cells with oxygen molecules, stimulates intracellular metabolic processes.
Betaine is a fat cell utilizer. He is responsible for the synthesis of phospholipids. The element reduces the risks of development of hepatic dystrophy, eliminates inflammation, and prevents the development of atherosclerosis and the formation of blood clots. Betaine is a lipotropic that reduces the blood homocysteine level.
Citrate ions improve digestion; they are useful for high acidity of gastric juice. They also eliminate the heaviness in the abdomen, flatulence, nausea in liver pathologies. Permanent use of Betargin or treatment in courses provides good body support in chronic diseases of the organ.

Who would benefit from the supplement

Betargin is a dietary supplement to the main diet, a source of arginine and betaine. Adults can use it to normalize the digestive system. For children over three years of age, the drug is prescribed for acetonemia to eliminate signs of intoxication.

Indications for the use of Betargin:

  • liver disorders;
  • steatosis;
  • cirrhosis;
  • hepatitis of viral nature;
  • toxic effects of alcohol, medications;
  • protein metabolism disorders associated with asthenia, stress;
  • diets, fasting;
  • injuries.

Adults take the drug product before meals 3 times a day, dissolving a stick or an ampoule in half a glass of clean water. Children need the same dose, but a couple of dosages per day are enough. In acetonemia, to relieve an acute condition, the ampoule is diluted in a glass of water, and the child is given a mixture at a dose of one teaspoon every 20 minutes. The duration of therapy is determined on a case-by-case basis, but usually it is at least a month.

5 reasons to take Betargin

Betargin is a multipurpose product for men and women, which will be useful in different situations. Take the supplement if you:

  1. Stick to a diet with a strict dietary restriction.
  2. Permanently experience increased physical, intellectual stress.
  3. Suffer from serious chronic pathologies of blood vessels, heart.
  4. Have a problem with the reproductive system.
  5. Wish to improve your health, support the liver.

By the way, Betargin not only improves the objective indicators, but also normalizes well-being, increases libido. Therefore, it will be useful to everyone who wants to preserve youth and beauty for a long time. You can use the supplement as a remedy for a hangover or in increased acetone levels in children. The taste of the syrup is sweet and sour, pleasant. If the child refuses to take the supplement, you can add a little sugar.


Although Betargin is a modern and safe product, there are precautions to its use. Before the start of the therapy course, undergo an examination for diabetes mellitus, kidney calculi, allergy to the active ingredients, kidney failure and cholelithiasis. The use of Betargin is undesirable during pregnancy and lactation. Avoid overdoses — they are the main cause of adverse reactions.

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