Betargin: benefits for athletes

Daily diet of an athlete is different from the menu of an ordinary individual who does not undergo regular and intensive training. Competitions require high physical, psycho-emotional stamina, and the athlete’s nutrition should provide them, replenishing the energy costs and saturating the body with valuable substances, vitamins. Calories are calculated with an overage for an active gain of muscle mass, maintaining a healthy metabolism.

All athlete nutrition requirements:
● increase of sports performance;
● accelerated recovery of muscle tissue, spent glycogen reserves;
● balanced composition.
Additionally, dietary supplements may be required. The exact diet depends on the kind of sport. For example, an athlete builds up lean muscle mass, and a runner needs a body fat layer.

Fundamentals of organization of sports nutrition

A healthy metabolism is not a gift of nature and good heredity, but the result of a balanced healthy diet enriched with trace elements, vitamins, and nutrients. The optimal ratio of nutrients changes with consideration of the intensity of physical activity.

The diet should include:
1. Carbohydrates, a quick source of energy, but slowly digestible ones should be chosen rather than rapidly digestible ones. Cereals, vegetables, fruits restore glycogen content after active exertion.
2. Fats supplement the body with vitamins and long-lasting energy. There should be 25% of unsaturated fats; they are consumed from vegetable oils, seafood, fish, seeds, nuts. A significant set of fats is needed by those athletes who experience significant heat loss — skiers, swimmers, long distance runners, racers.
3. Proteins are the basis of muscle tissue, an element necessary for normal metabolism. The amount of protein in the total daily diet is 20-35%.
4. Vitamins — groups B, C, PP, E, A, trace elements are also needed, especially phosphorus, calcium.

It is desirable to take biological supplements. They increase resistance to stress, endurance, working capacity, help to generate energy, restore strength, prevent overload. Bioactive supplements also improve the immunity, reduce the risk of inflammation, normalize metabolism, lower cholesterol level, restore blood circulation.

Why an athlete needs Betargin

This supplement:
● stimulates the immune system;
● reduces the risk of inflammation;
● normalizes metabolism;
● lowers cholesterol level;
● improves blood supply to organs.
The main components amino acid are amino acids betaine and arginine.

During sports training, the amino acid:
1. Promotes the active formation of ATP (energy), increases stamina, energy level, improves mood.
2. Supplies nitric oxide, required for complete synthesis of muscle tissue. An individual loses weight faster, the body acquires a beautiful contour.
3. Heals wounds, accelerates fusion of broken bones, tendons.

Betargin is an effective and safe dietary supplement, an important component of an athlete’s diet. Use of the supplement will improve your workout results, strengthen your body, and speed up recovery.

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