Betargin for skin problems

We look in the mirror often, but do we always like what we see? Tired of chronic stress, lack of sleep and polluted air of megalopolises, leather is one of the reasons for discontent. We forget about the mode of sleep and rest, as we simply do not have time to think about it because of our employment and workload; we eat not always correctly, eating an insufficient amount of vegetables and fruits, but spoiling ourselves with sweet or salty; drink a lot of coffee; to relieve stress, we start drinking alcohol and smoking; sometimes we introduce the body into stress by starvation, all sorts of cleansing and strict diets; we conduct a sedentary lifestyle.

 In this list, you can safely add water quality (chlorinated), air conditioning in rooms, fashion for tanning beds, peels, etc. In such conditions, the skin of the face, neck and hands is aging faster, becoming dull and losing freshness, it requires more and more care, attention and care. An integrated approach will help the skin to remain young, smooth and attractive.

An integrated approach will help the skin to remain young, smooth and attractive

1. Sports can create a real miracle with the face. Exercise increases blood flow to the tissues, promotes energy synthesis, giving the skin a glow from the inside, and sweat released during sports helps to remove toxins from the body.

2. A visit to a cosmetologist is not only procedures and tips for skin care, but also aesthetic pleasure and pleasant emotions that improve mood and appearance.

3. Reception of means for improvement of metabolic processes and metabolism: vitamins, trace elements, amino acids. Betargin, due to its composition (amino acids arginine and betaine) has a complex effect on the skin condition. Arginine strengthens blood vessels, improves skin microcirculation and enriches it with oxygen; helps to increase elasticity, smoothing skin tone, prevent age-related hyperpigmentation. Arginine promotes protein synthesis and strengthens muscles, energy production and increases endurance to physical stress; provides detoxification of the body by improving the function of the liver. Betaine has the ability to retain moisture in the skin, thereby showing a moisturizing effect; reduces skin irritation, softens and smoothes it, accelerates the healing of minor abrasions and light rashes.

Reception Betargin 1 amp./sachet 2 times a day for a month, in combination with physical exercises and a visit to a cosmetologist will help restore skin freshness and healthy color.

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