Arginine and betain as sources of youth

Being young, vigorous and full of strength is simple if you are attentive to health. Acceptance of some supplements will allow you to forget about chronic diseases, improve your well-being. Betaine and arginine are essential amino acids that support the body, improve the functioning of its organs and systems. Apply drugs with them to restore the liver — the main cleaner of the body.

What does betaine do

Betaine is used in the treatment of functional disorders, problems of the digestive tract.

It quickly improves condition with:

  • slow digestion, impaired digestion in case of overeating, abuse of food rich in fats, proteins, alcohol;
  • dyspeptic disorders — epigastria, heaviness in the right hypochondrium, heartburn, nausea, belching, flatulence;
  • drowsiness, discomfort after eating.

A medicine for the liver, the heart with betaine removes toxins, improves the processes of fat oxidation. Also, this substance increases the dry muscle mass, may increase appetite. Due to a decrease in homocysteine, the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced.

Betaine is effective in the complex therapy of fatty hepatosis, atheromatosis, hypertriglyceridemia. Desirable diet. There are practically no contraindications, the substance is well tolerated, side reactions rarely develop. The only thing you need to make sure is that there is no intolerance to the components of the drug. When taken together with antibacterial drugs may decrease their activity.

How arginine works

Arginine is an amino acid synthesized by the body from protein compounds. It is not independent (it can be synthesized from other substances). The substance is in food, you can use it in the form of special additives.

Natural sources:

  • whole wheat;
  • seeds;
  • milk products;
  • nuts;
  • bird;
  • red meats, fish.

L-arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide — a powerful vasodilator

The element is needed for normal cellular functions, active formation of muscle mass, treatment of high blood pressure, erection problems, congestive heart failure.

Arginine is taken by athletes, it can be used as a diluting diuretic. It removes excess sugar, harmful cholesterol from the body, increases the intensity of blood flow. All this increases the susceptibility of the blood bodies to manifestations of nitrogen. Without a sufficient amount of amino acid, normal formation of muscle tissue is impossible. In the first cycles of anabolism, arginine increases the endurance, energy efficiency of the body (the phenomenon is of a short-term nature), which is important for endomorphs. Also, the amino acid affects the synthesis of T-lymphocytes — cells that protect the body from negative environmental factors that strengthen the immune system. But with HIV infection it is impossible to use arginine.

Betargin: balanced formula

Betargin — a source of arginine, betaine, a drug with a balanced composition for the normalization of the hepatobiliary system. This is an effective remedy for the liver, blood vessels, heart. Form release — a solution in 10 ml ampoules, sticks for single use.

The use of Betargin will allow to clean the blood, remove toxins, normalize the metabolism. Supplements helps in losing weight, supports healthy heart, liver. Due to enhanced energy production, you will feel youth and health for a long time. Also Betargin — an effective tool for poisoning, it speeds up the recovery, removes toxins. Supplement allowed to use adults and children over 3 years. Contraindications to use are pregnancy, lactation, individual sensitivity to the components of the drug. When urolithiasis and gallstone pathologies in the acute stage, dietary supplement is not prescribed.

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