What to do with high cholesterol

Cholesterol shows blood test. If it is greatly exceeded, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive health survey — often a marker indicates various problems.

With food approximately 20% of lipids enter the body, the rest is produced by the liver. Normal content does not pose a threat to health, moreover, cholesterol is necessary to maintain basic processes.


  • hormone production;
  • bile production;
  • cell membrane formation;
  • vitamin D conversion;
  • isolation of nerve fibers;
  • metabolism.

The level of cholesterol does not affect the life expectancy, but can reduce its quality. A blood test must be taken on an empty stomach, otherwise the results will be incorrect.

Clinical picture

The normal content of cholesterol in the blood of an adult is 5 mmol/l. Slight deviations are permissible, but a strong difference in values may indicate serious pathologies of internal organs.

The following signs indicate elevated cholesterol:

  • pain in arms, legs, especially during exercise;
  • yellow spots on the eyelids;
  • chest tenderness;
  • blood clots that stand out from an open wound;
  • bright fatty inflammation of the epidermis.
If you notice these symptoms, contact a specialist for a comprehensive examination. The exact cholesterol in the blood can show only tests.

Causes and danger

Knowing the causes of the problem, you can understand how to reduce cholesterol. To increase its level lead:

Problems with nutrition — especially the love of sweet, flour, lard, sausage. Meat and eggs have practically no effect on cholesterol.

Bad habits — smoking and alcohol cause irreparable harm to the body and in particular increase the cholesterol in the blood.

Hypodynamy — lack of motor activity has a negative effect on lipoproteins. Harmful substances accumulate, forming persistent deposits on the vascular walls.

Obesity — overweight and high cholesterol are inextricably linked.

Also, indicators may deviate against the background of systemic diseases — hypertension, diabetes mellitus, pathologies of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, thyroid gland, some hereditary diseases. High cholesterol is not just bad test results, but a serious health hazard. It accumulates on the vascular walls, narrows the gaps, leads to impaired blood circulation. As a result, blood clots, plaques, sharply increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, coronary heart disease.

The best prevention of high cholesterol — proper nutrition, sufficient physical activity, regular sports training. For people who lead a healthy lifestyle, the problem does not occur. Regularly undergo routine health examinations, give up alcohol and cigarettes. A constant sufficient level of physical activity is also important, but nutrition plays the main role. Recalculate caloric intake — if it is increased, replace animal fats with vegetable, meat with fish, remove all empty calories.

A sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables is also a prerequisite, a daily portion should be at least 450 g. Teach yourself to eat cereals, forget about fried, spicy foods, minimize the amount of salt and sugar. Fast food with its saturated and trans fats is contraindicated in general — if you, of course, take care of your health. Boil products, stew, cook for a couple — this is the most “healthy” ways. The diet will allow to clean the vessels, improve well-being and will be the main guarantee of the absence of problems in the future.

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