How to normalize the hormonal background: helpful recommendations

The hormonal background of women throughout life is changing often, and the reasons for this many. It is influenced by internal processes, external factors, and diseases. Because the disruption of the hormonal background can cause a number of serious problems, they must necessarily be treated. The exact definition of the causes that caused the failure, will help to diagnose and choose the optimal treatment scheme.


From this article you will learn how to improve the hormonal background of a woman, but first we will talk about what factors cause problems with him.

  • fatigue, stress;
  • malnutrition, diet;
  • uncontrolled oral contraceptive use;
  • venereal, infectious diseases;
  • negative heredity;
  • increased physical activity, especially during the lunar period;
  • unfavorable ecology.

In the risk area of a woman who has a tumor that has recently undergone major surgery. Only the doctor can determine the cause of the problem — he will ask the patient, send it to the appropriate analyzes.

When you need to beat at the alarm

The following factors indicate hormonal imbalances in the body:

  • sharp changes in body weight without apparent reason;
  • hairy hair;
  • constant jumps of mood;
  • strong fatigue;
  • cycle failure, severe pain;
  • pronounced premenstrual syndrome;
  • the inability to conceive a baby.

If you find one or more symptoms, ask your doctor for more detailed diagnosis. Hormonal tests are required — without them it will not be possible to understand what and how to treat it.

What shall I do

The hormonal area of a woman is very delicate and thin, since bioactive substances are synthesized in minimal quantities, but have a huge impact on the body as a whole. To restore the balance, you need to know which components are missing. Very often doctors prescribe hormonal drugs — combined oral contraceptives, which may have different composition and dosage. It is not possible to independently appoint tablets for this reason — it is easy to cause an excess of certain hormones and, accordingly, to intensify the problem. Also shown is the intake of vitamins and trace elements — mainly zinc, magnesium, vitamin E.

When hyperproduction of hormones eliminates the presence of tumor formations, selected highly specialized drugs that inhibit the synthesis of certain substances. Perhaps the doctor will recommend taking antivirals, antibiotics, will give recommendations for changing lifestyle, correction of diet. It is necessary to assess the extent of the problem — in some cases, failures are themselves and require only control, but not specific treatment. How to normalize the hormonal background and whether you need to do anything at all, should only be decided by the doctor.

Not bad help with crashing folk remedies. Try a decoction of wormwood, prepared from a tablespoon of dry herbs — it is drunk in the first 5 days of the cycle, on a few tablespoons. You can use sage — infusion in this grass take 6-15 days by third of the glass. For similar purposes use goose larch or meadow shot — this grass need to drink in 16-25 days of the cycle. An important periodicity of taking decoctions — a grain of 10-20 days can cause an additional failure, rather than cure the old.

Natural products for female hormones — bee pollen and royal jelly. They are rich in phytoestrogens, bioactive substances that mildly correct the processes of synthesis of female sex hormones. You can buy pharmaceuticals or natural products from beekeepers. Another simple and effective remedy for hormonal background is lime tea with honey.

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