How to restore female energy?

Energy is a common life background, the ability to manage attention. In men and women, it is different, each has its own characteristics, strengths, weaknesses. Female energy in a harmonious state creates, calms, helps in work and making contacts. From time to time, trouble happens to each of us, they affect our well-being. Next, you will learn how to increase female energy, which indicates problems with her and how to maintain a balance in the future.

How to understand that there is something wrong with feminine energy

Problems with female energy have non-specific symptoms.

Key features:
1. The deterioration of physical well-being is a migraine, vegetative-vascular dystonia, a decrease or increase in pressure, endocrine system pathologies, poor immunity.
2. Emotional discomfort — internal dialogues with oneself, guilt, apathy, obsessive states, problems finding a place in life, irritability, sleep disturbances, neuroses.
3. The deterioration of the skin and hair.
4. Capriciousness, diseases of children, pets, flowers.
5. Bad dreams — usually about dirt, trash, abandoned rooms and houses (such dreams indicate breakdowns in the energy sector).
6. Problems with conception, violation of the cycle.

That is, any sharp deterioration of emotional, physical health may indicate that there is something wrong with energy. Follow the general recommendations for its normalization — they will be useful to all. Also pay attention to possible causes of leaks in order to minimize their impact on your life in the future.

Where do breakdowns come from

Leaving the energy, if there is a balance in its replenishment, is a normal process of exchange with the environment. Here the principle of the dam should act — in accordance with it, the energy comes to the woman in a wide stream, and leaves in thin small streams that can be controlled. Releasing some of the energy outward, it is very important to maintain a basic level of force, avoiding imbalances.

Large breakdowns, when losses exceed inflows, are caused by the following factors:
1. Childbirth — after the birth of the baby, the female body is weakened, it needs time to recover.
2. Negative karma of the family — especially unsolved problems, family problems. You need to understand exactly what your task is, what processes you can manage, and which ones can be left to chance.
3. Problems with finances — if the yang energy is unbalanced, the energy will go to a greater extent than it comes. This includes both debts and reckless spending. But you can not give up desires, because they motivate to accomplish. The main thing to follow the principle of rationality.
4. Bad habits — especially smoking and drinking alcohol.

What to do

Now let’s see how to restore feminine energy. It is necessary to begin with the spiritual component — to turn to religion, to engage in spiritual practices, to work on the development of femininity. If these directions do not suit you, try to restore power through a coach or a psychologist. They will help you choose trainings, work out the problems.

You can make albums, restore the pedigree, communicate with loved ones. Surround yourself with those who radiate happiness — in work, in marriage, simply in life. Minimize communication with always dissatisfied people, envious people, complainers. Look for support in places of power — they quickly charge with energy and help to recover even in very difficult cases. Especially good to travel to the mountains, to the sea. You can try therapy by theaters, museums and other objects of art — this approach helps a lot.

Give thanks, give, treat people sincerely — this will help in working out karma. Learn to accept, love and see the true essence of things. It also makes sense to take drugs to raise vitality, normalize hormonal levels. Good reviews give the means Betargin — it has a balanced amino acid composition and gives the body the missing substances.

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