Hangover syndrome

A hangover is the result of alcohol effect on the body, which manifests itself as poor wellbeing in several hours after alcohol consumption.

This is a severe and extremely unpleasant condition, which is manifested:

  • by headache;
  • indigestion in the form of vomiting and nausea;
  • hand tremor and chills;
  • weakness and general malaise;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • increased or decreased blood pressure;
  • feeling guilt for what happened;
  • disgust at the thought of alcohol.

The cause of all these symptoms is a pronounced toxic effect of acetaldehyde, an alcohol cleavage product, on the body, which depletes the detoxification capacity of the liver, damages the liver cells and poisons the body.

Due to the team work of arginine and betaine, BETARGIN promotes:
Elimination of asthenic condition (weakness, malaise) by increasing the synthesis of energy and protein
Elimination of digestive disorders (nausea, vomiting) due to citrate ions in Betargin composition
Enhancement of the liver detoxification function (neutralization and elimination of alcohol and its decomposition products) by increasing the activity of enzymatic systems (cytochrome P450) and improving microcirculation in the liver
Elimination of betaine deficiency; as betaine expenditure increases after alcohol consumption
Stimulation of the repair of damaged liver cells by restoring their membranes

Recommended dosage regimen


Dilute the contents of 1 stick or 1 glass container of Betargin® in ½ of a glass (100 ml) of drinking water at room temperature and take it after meals 2-3 times daily for 3-5 days.

Could you please tell me, to relieve a hangover, do you need to drink Betargin before alcohol or after? And how many ampoules are required to be fresh as a daisy in the morning? Hryhorii, 21.04.15

If you take Betargin before alcohol consumption, it will significantly reduce the hangover, decrease the toxic burden on the body and protect the liver from its harmful effects. You should take 2 ampoules, diluted in a glass of water, before a party.

If you didn’t manage to take Betargin before the banquet, you can do it even afterwards in the same dose – 2 ampoules per 1 glass of water. If the hangover syndrome is significantly pronounced, this can be a signal of deterioration of the liver function; in this case, it is recommended to take Betargin in the dose 1 ampoule diluted in half of a glass of water 3 times a day for 2-3 more days to neutralize and remove all harmful alcohol decomposition products from the body.

According to my experience with my husband, Betargin is the best way to prevent hangover, especially as he has trouble with his liver from time to time. The problem is, he has noticed this too, and refuses to take Betargin before alcohol – this is just a waste of cognac, he says. Could you please tell me, can Betargin be diluted in juice, so that he would not notice it? Iryna, 19.06.14.
Betargin can be diluted in juice, 2 ampoules in a half of a glass. If Betargin was not taken before alcohol consumption, 2 ampoules diluted in half of a glass of water can be taken the next morning. This will help to eliminate the symptoms of alcohol intoxication and reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on the liver.
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