Healthy lifestyle rules

Healthy lifestyle for someone is a tribute to fashion, but many people really cannot imagine their life in a different way. This concept refers to physical, emotional, social, infrastructure, personal health.

At the infrastructural level in our country, this issue is practically not controlled, but everyone can make an appropriate personal choice — namely, to have a healthy lifestyle, keep a diet, quit bad habits, treat diseases in due time, take (for example, “Betargin“).

Rules of healthy lifestyle

Let’s consider the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle, which should be followed:

  • Compliance with sleep, work and rest schedule. The daily routine should be regular and constant — so the body will not work flat out.
  • Balanced nutrition — it should be sufficient, but not excessive. Caloric content is calculated based on age, physical activity of a person, a set of products should be selected based on personal preferences, existing diseases.
  • Refusal from bad habits — alcohol, smoking, excessive consumption of coffee are very unhealthy.
  • Normal physical activity is not only fitness, certain sports, but also just regular walks in the fresh air.
  • Minimizing stress factors — take vitamins, mineral complexes that strengthen the nervous system, change your attitude to life, avoid people and work that brings a lot of negative emotions.

So, there is no universal formula for a healthy lifestyle, because it presupposes harmonious interaction with the outside world, the absence of overload, physical activity, and these factors will be different for each person. It is very important to learn to relax — regularly, fully, constantly, and not when you start slogging your guts out. Psychological yoga is an activity, which helps well to harmonize.

The importance of a balanced diet

Food is an important aspect of our life. Vital activity of the organism depends on its quality, quantity, proportions, while improper nutrition destroys health. With a lack of nutrients and energy, the body begins to work at the limit, the heart muscle wears out. If you eat hearty meals, but not healthy foods, you also ruin your health. Fast food, smoking, salting, sausages supply the body with calories, but empty ones, not containing valuable substances and polluting the body with toxins and wastes. The results of mindless eating — slagging, excess weight, increased cholesterol and other problems.


There is no need to completely abandon animal products, but their amount in the diet should be controlled — an excess of meat loads the stomach, causes decay processes. You need to have fasting days regularly, drink enough clean water.

The importance of proper nutrition is difficult to underestimate — it allows you to maintain an optimal level of vitality, prevents the development of most diseases. If you are not sure that you get the necessary nutrients with food, take vitamin and mineral complexes.

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