How can potency be increased?

Libido is interpreted as the desire to satisfy the sexual instinct. In men and women, the level of sexual desire is determined by hormones, so the “appetite” would be individual to someone, every other day is not enough, to others, once a week is too much. Libido is determined by age, health status, the presence of certain diseases; in women, it decreases during pregnancy, due to oral contraceptives, under the influence of psychological factors. But if a desire means “I want”, then the potency for men is the question of whether “I can”.

Enhancing the potency is much easier than libido. If there are problems with erection, their cause is one thing insufficient blood supply of the organ (though various factors can cause it). Intimacy becomes difficult in the presence of problems with the heart, blood vessels, pressure. Perhaps the cause should be sought in some systemic diseases, use of certain drugs.

Causes and effects of reduced potency

The reasons for the decrease in potency are divided into two groups physiological and psychological.

The major ones are:
1. Stress, fatigue, complexes. Permanent neuro-emotional stress has a negative effect on male function.
2. Neurosis, subdepressive states, depression. Causes must be sought on an emotional level or in the central nervous system, the endocrine system.
3. Permanent tension, fear of fiasco. If a man has often had problems with erection before, he may be so much afraid of a repetition of the situation in the future that the potency will die out.
4. Physiological causes pathologies of the heart, blood vessels, brain, spinal cord, diabetes, hormonal imbalance.
5. A side effect of taking certain medications. Hormonal preparations, antidepressants, neuroleptics, steroids, and dietary supplements against convulsions affect potency most of all.
6. Bad habits  unbalanced diet, alcohol consumption, and smoking are the causes of most health problems.

Permament problems with potency can cause depression, deprive a man of self-confidence, cause premature termination of sexual life. A decrease in libido begins, and impotence develops in advanced cases of erection problems.

Why male health needs to be restored

Only a specialist can recommend means and methods for restoring the potency; rapid restoration is not always possible. Many people start with the normalization of work and rest routine, getting rid of bad habits. You can correct the diet eggs, seafood, honey, nuts, vegetables and fruit, whole grain bread and cereals improve potency.

It is recommended to take sedatives, adaptogens at bedtime if you have sleep problems, and erectile dysfunction was caused by chronic stress. Besides, special drugs improving erection can be taken in the evening or in half an hour before a sexual intercourse. Do not overuse them, do not exceed the dosage and remember that these pills are urgent measures, and you need to restore health.

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