How does Betargin overcome the hangover syndrome?

– Good morning, Amy!

– It most assuredly is not.

– Are you experiencing dehydration, headache, nausea, and shame?

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Hangover: mouth full of charred moths, sensation of having walked about all night on his eyeballs…

Well, well, it happens... When the hangover syndrome appears and how we recognize it is not a secret. And if this happens, then you urgently need to learn something important: what is really going on in our body after alcohol consumption and how to protect against it?

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What happens in the body with hangover?

Fluid imbalance.

They often write about dehydration during a hangover, when people are tormented by thirst. In fact, with a hangover, people suffer not from dehydration, but from a lack of circulating blood volume. There is usually plenty of water in the body as a whole, sometimes even too much: a person with a hangover often suffers from edemas.

Metabolic disorder.

Fighting alcohol and poisoning caused by it, the body spends many vitamins, macro-and micronutrients. On the second and third day of alcohol consumption, the body suffers from a lack of vitamins. Also, acetaldehyde (alcohol disintegration product) does not allow the cells to perform their neutralizing functions normally, which is why additional toxins accumulate.

Acid-base balance disorder (acidosis).

People become sick in the morning, and polypnea occurs because of it. It is caused by the fact that alcohol disintegration products are mainly acidic: acetaldehyde, acetic acid, lactic acid.

Toxic effects on brain cells.

As a result of the chemical effects of alcohol and acetaldehyde, the nervous system becomes hypersensitive the next morning. Therefore, even normal light and sound cause pain, as if everything was too bright or loud.

Sleep disturbance.

Alcohol prevents the emergence of the so-called “fast sleep” phases in a sleeper. And these are the periods during which a person is gaining new strengths. Without them, getting a good sleep is impossible. Therefore, even after the usual 8 – 9 hours of sleep, if one goes to bed drunk, one does not get enough sleep.

How does Betargin overcome the hangover syndrome?

Betargin (arginine + betaine) prevents and eliminates the symptoms of alcohol intoxication and protects the liver from its harmful effects:

Arginine contributes to dual protection during alcohol intoxication: neutralization of alcohol disintegration products and rapid elimination of the final metabolites from the body.

Betaine improves the functioning of liver cells, removes fat from hepatocytes, which accumulates in liver cells with regular alcohol intake.

Detoxifying effect of Betargin.

Quickly and effectively protects the liver from damaging effects of alcohol and drugs.
Eliminates hangover syndrome: headache, dry mouth, weakness.
Quickly reduces the intoxication symptoms: nausea, metallic taste in the mouth, chills.

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