How to recover quickly after holidays

Holidays mean gifts, meetings with family and friends, and also, as a rule, constant overeating and alcohol abuse. During the feast, you cannot deny yourself everything, and it does not make sense. If the series of holidays has ended, and your health has noticeably worsened, take action. Following these simple rules will quickly get you back on track.

Start the day correctly

Olivier salad for breakfast is far from the best solution; after an abundant evening meal, eating is generally not recommended until lunch, drinking plenty of water will be enough. Morning is the perfect time to cleanse the body, so you can safely reject breakfast. If you wish, have a snack with something light.

Say no to extremities

Today we eat like elephants, and tomorrow we are on a hunger strike in the hope of restoring balance. The truth is that it will not be achieved with this approach. It is necessary to reduce portions gradually — so the body will not experience additional stress, it will be easier to lose excess weight.

Combine food products wisely

Separate nutrition is good because it does not cause violent chemical reactions in the intestine, when some products conflict with others, the third ones react with the fourth ones, and it is impossible to understand what exactly caused the undesirable consequences. Holiday dishes are the exact opposite to the principles of proper separate nutrition. Everything is mixed in them at once, often incompatible, so the feeling of heaviness is easy to explain. When a series of feasts is over, remember what your body likes, and return to separate nutrition.

Stake on fruits

They will maintain an adequate glucose level in the blood, they are sweet, copious and ideal after overeating. But remember that the fruit is not a dessert, but an independent meal. You need to eat it an hour before lunch, dinner or use it as an independent snack. If you start to mix apples with soup, the gastrointestinal tract may begin to behave unpredictably.


The number one task after a series of feasts is to conduct alkalization. Overeating provokes increased production of enzymes, which causes acidification in the body. Excess acid gradually builds up in the liver, harms the digestive tract, causes stomach pain, heartburn. For alkalization, it is most convenient to use greens — any one to your taste. The more of it is in the diet, the better and easier recovery will go.

Carry out cleansing

Gluttony and alcoholic libations — it’s time to pause and perform a deep cleansing of the body. Remove all mucus-forming products so that the digestive tract and the body had an overall rest, edemas would be gone, and quality of life would be improved. By the way, such cleansing is an excellent prevention of cellulite. You can supplement the diet with Betargin — the amino acid-containing solution tastes good, removes toxins quickly and carefully, restores the liver, normalizes other body functions.

Fasting is needed

Fasting days are not a way to lose weight, but an effective means to reboot. If you consume only one food product during the day, the gastrointestinal tract function will become easier, it will recover and begin to work in full force again. You should decide what to consume based on personal preferences and health status. The main options are kefir, cereals, apples, cottage cheese.

Active detoxification — benefits only

Toxins are excreted through the skin, pores, via the respiratory system. Spend every free minute with benefit and pleasure — take a bath, walk, play sports, do body wraps. Such methods used in combination work much better than individually. A great folk way of detox is visiting a sauna. In the steam room, you can lose both toxins and a couple of extra kilos.

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