Improvement of men’s health

According to statistical data by the World Health Organization, men are most afraid of three things: impotence, prostate cancer and infarction.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a man’s inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for sexual satisfaction of his partners. According to statistical data, approximately 30% of men of sexually active age suffer from erectile dysfunction, and it reaches 52% in the group of men aged 40–70. This problem is manifested by weakness of erection, accelerated ejaculation, decreased libido, expressed in the absence of desire for sex.

Due to the high rhythm of life, especially in large cities, which is combined with physical inactivity at work, frequent stressful situations and the presence of pernicious habits, erectile dysfunction has become “younger”.

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, and most of them lead to changes in the condition of blood vessels and impaired blood supply to the pelvic organs, as well as to a decrease in testosterone production.

Thus, diseases of the heart and blood vessels eventually inevitably lead to impaired sexual function. The risk is even higher in the combination of cardiovascular diseases with obesity and metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus), chronic liver diseases (fatty degeneration), varicose veins, etc.

The risk group also includes:

Men of "sedentary" professions: from programmers to drivers (a sitting position interferes with normal blood circulation in the pelvic organs, leads to difficulty in venous blood outflow, swelling of prostate, and development of inflammation in it).

“Riders” and off-road explorers: motorcyclists, cyclists and riding fans, lovers of trophy-raids (constant shaking leads to microtraumas to the perineum, which can cause impaired blood circulation).

Lovers of hiking and water sports: swimmers, surfers, paddlers, climbers, lovers of long hiking and ski trips (problems with the prostate are triggered by frequent or prolonged exposure to cold, staying in damp clothes).

Vascular dysfunctions in the above conditions are associated with damage to the endothelium – the inner layer of blood vessels, and development of endothelial dysfunction (loss of the ability of blood vessels to expand), resulting in impaired blood transportation to the pelvic organs and impaired erection.

Production of endothelium, which is responsible for erection, can be supported by restricting the consumption of easily digested carbohydrates (sweets and rolls) and animal fats, which provoke the growth of the prostate gland, starting from the age of 18-20 years old. The male diet is fish and abundance of seasonal vegetables and fruit, especially green ones. Men should maintain their body weight and lead an active lifestyle.

The role of BETARGIN in improvement of men’s health

Reduces endothelial dysfunction (loss of the ability of blood vessels to expand), which helps to improve microcirculation of the pelvic organs, eliminate oxygen starvation, inflammation, and improve the quality of erection

Normalizes lipid metabolism and reduces cholesterol and triglycerides levels, which helps to normalize blood lipidogram and to prevent atherosclerotic vascular lesions

Improves metabolic processes in the liver - removes neutral (excessive) fat from liver cells and uses it to synthesize phospholipids of cellular membranes (to repair damaged cells or prevent their damage)

Increases receptor sensitivity to insulin, which helps to normalize the metabolism of carbohydrates, and, at the same time, of fats

Recommended administration regimen

Dissolve the contents of 1 stick or 1 glass container of Betargina in ½ of a glass (100 ml) of drinking water of room temperature and take 2-3 times daily after meal.



Could you tell me, please, what should I take in complex with Betargin to support the heart? I used to consume a lot of alcohol for a long time, but I haven’t been drinking for a month. Sometimes I feel some discomfort in the heart, though ECG showed that everything seemed fine. Mykola Mykolaiovych, 09.04.15


If you have heart problems, then of course you need a cardiologist to prescribe a treatment regimen based on the data from your examinations. If there are no problems so far, then you will gain significant benefits from the use of Betargin.

Firstly, the body will gradually liquidate the effects of alcohol burden – the function of the liver will be restored, and detoxification will increase.

Secondly, Betargin exerts positive effect on the condition of blood vessels, helps to reduce blood pressure, prevent atherosclerosis, improve heart function.

Thirdly, Betargin enhances the production of energy, thereby providing a surge of strength and vitality.

Hello, I suffer from fatty hepatosis and chronic cholecystitis, should I take Betargin, and what treatment course and what doses should I use? Ihor, 17.02.16

The use of Betargin in your case is fully justified. Betaine in the drug product composition will help removing fat from liver cells and restoring their normal operation. And Arginine, the second component of Betargin, will contribute to the relaxation of bile ducts, softer bile secretion. Betargin also has anti-inflammatory effects, helps to eliminate toxins and improve the oxygen supply of organs.

Stay healthy!

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