Improvement of women's health

What do modern women strive for?
The answer is simple — Beauty and Success!

In their pursuit, they use the achievements of fashion designers, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. But it is difficult to imagine a happy life without health in the sexual sphere. Therefore, women’s health requires not only taking care of the body and appearance, but also attentive and careful attitude to the function of internal organs, which determines the reproductive health that gives a woman the highest happiness – children!

The main causes of infertility are:

  • chronic inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs;
  • genetic pathology;
  • the natural slowdown of all physiological processes after the age of 35 years;
  • surgical intervention in the reproductive system (abortions);
  • orderless sexual life;
  • endocrine disorders and diseases.
As a result of endocrine disorders, endocrine infertility occurs, which manifests itself as a disorder of ovulation, maturation and release of the ovum, as well as disorders of the incorporation of the ovum into endometrium.

In case of endocrine (hormonal) infertility, medical therapy is used to eliminate metabolic disorders, and lifestyle changes are applied as well (healthy diet, active lifestyle, normalization of body weight).

The role of BETARGIN in improvement of women’s health

Reduces endothelial dysfunction (loss of the ability of blood vessels to expand), which helps to improve microcirculation of the reproductive organs and eliminate oxygen starvation and inflammation

Improves receptivity (susceptibility to fertilization) of the endometrium and increases the pregnancy rate during IVF

Eliminates the manifestations of toxicosis in the first trimester of pregnancy

Normalizes lipid metabolism and reduces cholesterol and triglycerides levels, which helps to normalize blood lipidogram and to prevent atherosclerotic vascular lesions

Improves metabolic processes in the liver – removes neutral (excessive) fat from liver cells and uses it to synthesize phospholipids of cellular membranes (to repair damaged cells or prevent their damage)

Increases receptor sensitivity to insulin, which helps to normalize the metabolism of carbohydrates, and, at the same time, of fats

Recommended administration regimen

Dissolve the contents of 1 stick or 1 glass container of Betargina in ½ of a glass (100 ml) of drinking water of room temperature and take 2-3 times daily after meal.


I took Betargin for a month in the dose 2 ampoules a day for prophylaxis, and then I found out that I have been pregnant for 6 weeks. Now I’m worried could it be harmful for the baby, because the instructions state contraindications for pregnant women. Liubov, 28.11.16


A recent study has shown the undoubted benefits of using Betargin either before pregnancy (in order to improve the female reproductive function and pregnancy rate) and during pregnancy (to reduce toxicosis).

To date, the instruction is being amended in relation with the results of this study. But the further feasibility of taking Betargin should be determined by your doctor after consultation.

Stay healthy!

Hello, I have been taking Betargin for the second week, and still have the number of ampoules required for 3 days left. I have found out that I was pregnant. Would it be harmful for the baby’s development? And should I stop taking this medicinal product? Thank you. Valeriia, 30.09.15

Studies on the use of Betargin in pregnant women have not been conducted. However, data from international publications suggest the benefits of using arginine for improvement of the reproductive function in men and women. Therefore, an individualized doctor’s recommendation is necessary.

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