How to reduce acetone

Acetone in the body of an adult or a child appears in association with various pathologies. If an acute viral infection is diagnosed, the body temperature is significantly elevated, the nutrition program is far from balanced and healthy, there is a characteristic odor from the mouth, vomiting.

Also, the reason may lie in the disorders of fat, carbohydrate metabolism, pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and diabetes. To stop the increase in acetone, you need to determine accurately the cause of the problem and eliminate it — for example, reduce the body temperature, normalize the sugar level, etc.

A child with frequent increases in acetone can be diagnosed with acetonemic syndrome. It means an increased tendency to the accumulation of ketones with the slightest disturbance of the usual way of life, eating habits, ARVI, viral infections. The acetonemic syndrome is accompanied by periodic crises, which are characterized by a sharp increase in the level of ketones, the appearance of weakness, nausea, loss of appetite.

Clinical picture

The following symptoms may indicate the appearance of acetone in the urine:

  • vomiting;
  • weakness;
  • nausea;
  • typical odor from the mouth;
  • intensification of symptoms when consuming water, food.
For an accurate diagnosis, consult your doctor, who will refer you for a complete medical examination. At home, special test strips are used to monitor the condition. If elevated acetone lasts more than three days, this does not indicate general intoxication, poisoning, but the presence of systemic pathologies such as diabetes.

How to remove acetone

To quickly reduce the content of acetone in the body, you need to drink a lot — decoction of dried fruits, still water, chamomile tea. If after heavy drinking you have severe vomiting, change the drinking mode into the format “often and little by little”. During the first day of exacerbation, it is better not to eat food at all – so the body will quickly cope with severe intoxication. From the second day, a sparing diet is allowed, the portions should be small, avoid heavy food. Soda solution of 5 g of powder per glass of water will help you to recover quickly. If you have constipation, then enemas with water or weak soda solution will help to get rid of acetone.

In the absence of dynamics within two days, medical assistance will be required. The doctor can give you a referral to the hospital, where you will be given infusions, injections.

Why it is dangerous

Elevated acetone is a dangerous pathological condition accompanied by constipation, severe vomiting, dehydration and, accordingly, intoxication. It is important to remove toxins from the body in order to prevent severe poisoning. With abundant drinking regime, the recovery process will occur naturally, if a child or an adult cannot drink a lot, infusions can be administered in inpatient settings. The doctor can recommend adsorbents. At the time of treatment and recovery, you will have to adhere to a special diet.

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