Liver protection
(as hepatoprotector)

Liver pathology is a leader among the digestive system diseases. This is due to the increasing alcohol consumption, growing prevalence of viral infections among the young and able-bodied population, deterioration of environmental living conditions, the effect of chronic stress factors, as well as independent and uncontrolled use of various medicinal products. All of these factors extremely adversely affect function and condition of the liver, therefore, in these cases, the use of hepatoprotectors is recommended.

Hepatoprotectors (from the Greek hepatos, liver and Latin protection, protection, patronage) are medicinal products improving the function of liver cells and normalizing its impaired functions.

Due to the team work of arginine and betaine, BETARGIN promotes:

Stimulation of repair of damaged liver cells and their functional activity

Increase of the stability of liver cells and prevention of destruction of their membranes when exposed to damaging factors (toxins, alcohol, drug products, viruses, etc.)

Enhancement of the liver detoxification function (neutralization and elimination of toxic substances) by increasing the activity of enzymatic systems

Reduction of inflammation in the presence of inflammatory process in the liver

Prevention of vegetation of connective tissue in the liver and progression of the fibrotic process (fibrosis)

Inhibition of oxidative processes and damaging effect of free radicals on liver cells

Recommended administration regimen


Dissolve the contents of 1 stick or 1 glass container of Betargina in ½ of a glass (100 ml) of drinking water of room temperature and take 2-3 times daily after meal.



How effective is Betargin for hepatic steatosis? Can it be combined with other hepatoprotectors? Anatolii, 11.09.17


Betargin contains a unique component Betaine, absent in other hepatoprotectors. Betaine is able to remove fat rapidly from hepatocytes and reprocess it into a structural component for membranes of the liver cells to restore them; the rest of the fat is eliminated from a hepatocyte.

Betargin exerts several effects in fatty liver disease, but its distinctive mechanism is assured by Betaine. That is why the result of the use of Betargin was already highly appreciated by patients and doctors.


Could you tell me, please, can Betargin be used in intestinal inflammation (enterocolitis) with diarrhea? Nataliia, 31.05.17


Betargin can be used for hepatoprotection, reduction of intoxication and elimination of asthenia.

Stay healthy!

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