Liver purification at home: possible or not

Is it possible to purify the liver and the body on your own

Liver is the body cleaner, its main filter. It passes blood and removes decay products, dangerous microorganisms, toxins from it. If everything is fine, the organ is self-healing and works at the proper level for many years. But adverse factors greatly affect cell regeneration processes and can lead to serious problems even at a very young age. Stresses, alcohol, permanent intake of medications, poor nutrition, bad habits – and you are at risk, and the liver is in dire need of support.

Why purify the liver

Purifying the liver and the body in the lay language is often the same thing. Special procedures, use of certain drug products are aimed at eliminating toxins and other harmful substances, improving the outflow of bile, and restoring normal regeneration of cellular structures. Thus, an excess of fibrous tissue in the liver leads to disorders of its structure and, ultimately, cirrhosis.
Almost every adult needs liver purification. The body does not cope with high loads, proper purification of blood, and the conversion of toxins into useful trace elements will not occur if the liver does not work at full strength. At first, a patient does not suspect anything, but over time, when toxins accumulate and begin to poison the body, constant fatigue occurs, chronic diseases exacerbate. Most often, allergies, varicose veins show themselves in association with liver pathologies; the symptoms of diabetes and rheumatism intensify.

Body purification is necessary if you regularly notice the following symptoms:

  • loss of strength, drowsiness;
  • persistent irritability;
  • discomfort, pain at the right side in the area of the ribs, especially after consumption of alcohol or heavy fatty foods;
  • nausea, bloating, belching;
  • persistent stool disorders;
  • spider veins, rash, acne for no apparent reason;
  • change in skin condition (it has become too dry or oily).
Also, liver problems, a state of chronic intoxication are indicated by a foul breath, slowly healing wounds, enhanced sweat odor, bitterness in the oral cavity. As a rule, an individual notes not all the symptoms, but several of them. If you notice any of these, beware and take action.

Self-treatment at home

Body purification at home is possible and even necessary with a competent approach. The main thing is to be careful, since incorrect actions can aggravate the problem. Therefore, consult with your doctor, take a blood test, have a CT scan, MRI, ultrasound scan.
Listen carefully to your body – if your condition worsens after the start of purification process, cancel the treatment plan. Increased caution is needed in cholelithiasis, urolithiasis, acute inflammation, diabetes. If you get sick, catch a cold, have aggravation of infectious diseases, or you are just experiencing a severe stress, it will be better to postpone the procedure.

Ways to clean the liver:

  • enemas;
  • diet;
  • consumption of water with choleretic properties, herbal decoctions;
  • liver flush;
  • purification with olive oil;
  • use of hepatoprotectors;
  • a course of treatment with choleretic drugs.

But, if the diet is useful to everyone, and hepatoprotectors definitely will not harm, it is necessary to use caution with liver flush and enemas. The use of bioactive supplement Betargin gives excellent results.

This agent supplies the body with nutrients, trace elements, does not cause side effects, has virtually no contraindications. Regular courses of Betargin restore the body, purifythe blood of toxins, accelerate liver regeneration. The additive can be used for prophylaxis and for therapeutic purposes. The average treatment course is 1 month. The range also includes L-Betargin with amino acids for athletes, and children’s supplement used for acetonemic syndrome.

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