Maintenance of a healthy lifestyle

Health lifestyle means a lifestyle aimed at general health promotion and prevention of the development of risk of various kinds of diseases.

According to medical experts, human health is 50% dependent on lifestyle, the impact of the level of health care system is 10%, and impact of the genetic factors and the environment is 20% each, respectively.

Certain basic components serving as a basis for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle can be distinguished. They include:

Sensible nutrition

Physical activity

Common body hygiene


Rejection of pernicious habits

Due to the team work of arginine and betaine, BETARGIN promotes:

Elimination of asthenia in increased fatigue due to energy synthesis

Improviement of microcirculation and elimination of oxygen starvation of body organs and systems by eliminating endothelial dysfunction (loss of vascular expansion ability)

Enhancement of the liver detoxification function (neutralization and elimination of toxic substances) by increasing the activity of enzymatic systems (cytochrome P450) and increasing the stability of liver cells exposed to damaging factors (toxins, alcohol, drugs, viruses, etc.)

Prevention of atherosclerotic vascular lesions by normalizing lipid metabolism and reducing cholesterol and triglycerides levels

Improvement of metabolic processes in the liver – removal of neutral (excessive) fat from liver cells and using it to synthesize phospholipids of cellular membranes (to repair damaged cells or prevent their damage)

Recommended administration regimen


Dissolve the contents of 1 stick or 1 glass container of Betargina in ½ of a glass (100 ml) of drinking water of room temperature and take 2-3 times daily after meal.



Can Betargin be taken as a simple tonic in constant fatigue? And how should it be taken? Can I take Betargin with low blood pressure? Thank you. Marina, 04.09.15


Certainly, everyone can take Betargin as an agent promoting energy production, improving blood supply and providing tissues with oxygen, in a dose one ampoule 3 times a day for 2 weeks, but sometimes this may not be enough. The reason is that chronic fatigue often develops in association with various diseases, and at first it would be right to go to the doctor, to establish the cause of the exhaustion, which could be problems with the thyroid gland, liver diseases, etc. In such cases, an integrated approach is necessary to solve the problem. Long-term use of Betargin can lead to a slight decrease in blood pressure, since arginine, included to Betargin formulation, promotes relaxation of blood vessels. Therefore, if your blood pressure is too low, you must first consult your doctor or choose another medicinal product.


After treatment with antibiotics, brown fur appeared on my tongue. The doctor prescribed Betargin for the liver restoration in the dose 1 ampoule a day. Could you please tell me, is that enough, or should I increase the dose to two ampoules? Thank you! Dinan, 13.01.16


Certainly, it is preferable to use 2 ampoules or sachets of Betargin daily, this will help the body to eliminate toxic metabolites after use of antibiotics sooner.

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