Planning of pregnancy: things every future mother has to know

An ideal pregnancy is a desired one, and the most trouble-free is the planned one. If you prepare for conception in advance, you can eliminate a number of risks to the health of the baby and the expectant mother. Planning is not a conception by a schedule (it is just not necessary, since it creates unnecessary stress), but complex tests, screenings, correction of diet and lifestyle.

Be sure to do tests for genital infections and receive treatment if necessary. This is important — TORCH pathologies, untreated before conception, are one of the main reasons for miscarriage or fetal pathology. The use of vitamins and minerals is desirable — only a strong, non-depleted organism, is ready for 9 months of waiting for the baby and will tolerate them without much losses.

Mandatory checks

When the decision to have a child is taken, the couple should be examined by an urologist and a gynecologist. If there is a history of serious hereditary diseases in the family, pregnancy does not occur for a long time, the last ones ended in miscarriages, a visit to a genetic scientist would be useful. Older parents should pay special attention to their health — these are women over 35 and men over 40.

Mandatory list of analyses and tests for expectant mothers:
● determination of blood group, Rhesus factor;
● fluorography;
● ultrasound of the pelvic organs;
● antibodies to rubella;
● urinalysis;
● blood test for hormones;
● smear test for genital infections.

A man also undergoes screening for STDs, makes spermogram (to determine the quality of sperm). It is possible to complete all examinations in a public health center or a private center. There are convenient integrated packages — they allow you to get tested in a short time. According to the results, the doctor will give recommendations — a diet is prescribed in an increased acetone, antibiotics for the treatment of TORCH-infections and so on.

Bad habits and lifestyle

It is necessary to get rid of bad habits before conception — this is smoking, narcotic drug and alcohol abuse. Harmful addictions weaken the body, cause the development of chronic pathologies. Since it is not easy to quit smoking and drinking beer, it must be done in advance so that during pregnancy the body would not to be exposed to toxic substances, would not experience stress as a result of the withdrawal syndrome.

Lifestyle, too, will need to be adjusted. Observe the mode of work and rest, walk more, eat well. Doctors often recommend taking vitamin-mineral complexes with folic acid for several months before the intended pregnancy.

What vitamins and trace elements does the future mother need?

When planning a pregnancy, the expectant mother needs the following substances:
1. Folic acid — it takes part in cell division, is responsible for the growth of the fetus, contributes to the normal development of its nervous, cardiovascular systems, reduces the risk of congenital fetal defects, spontaneous abortion. There is a lot of folic acid in green lettuce, nuts, beans, citrus.
2. Iodine — supports the thyroid gland, also affects the gestation, mental and physical abilities of the baby. Eat fish, seafood, figs, or buy pharmacy complexes.
3. Vitamin A is responsible for reproductive function, formation of the placenta, growth of the skeletal system of the fetus. The main thing is not to exceed the daily dosage of 3000 IU. Vitamin A is plentiful in pumpkin, fish, carrots, tomatoes, fish oil.
4. Vitamin D supplements the action of tocopherol; 400 IU are needed per day. Eat chicken yolks, hard cheese, butter, and caviar.

We remind you that an oversupply of nutrients is as bad as their deficiency. Therefore, do not exceed the dosage, do not extend the course of use without the doctor’s advice.

Betargin when planning children

Betargin is a concentrated source of arginine, betaine. The complex is useful for the liver, blood vessels, and heart. Its dosage form is solution in 10 ml ampoules and sticks for single use. The use of Betargin during pregnancy planning will allow to purify the blood, eliminate toxins, restore metabolism.

The supplement is allowed for use in adults and children over 3 years. Contraindications to use are pregnancy, lactation, individual sensitivity to the medicinal product ingredients. If you wish to take Betargin during pregnancy, consult your doctor.

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