Parties are mainly accompanied by alcohol; many people drink to relax, relieve stress. Much has been said and written about the harm of alcohol consumption, so we will not go deep into the matter (we should only remind that even minor alcohol doses are harmful if a person drinks them regularly). The following discussion will focus on where the hangover comes from, even if it is a few too much, and how dangerous it is.

Hangover — what is it from a medical point of view

Such a state as a hangover develops as a result of drinking alcohol. The body tends to bring the blood alcohol level to normal (or rather, to zero), and symptoms of intoxication develop. Dry mouth, nausea, migraines, malfunctions in the digestive tract, excessive sweating, difficulty concentrating, irritability, drowsiness — these are only the main symptoms of the syndrome.

The human body tries to metabolize toxic compounds, which are contained in high levels in alcoholic beverages. Methanol, ethanol are disintegrated in the intestine into formic acid with formaldehydes. This process takes about 10 hours — so the person feels unwell all day after excessive alcohol consumption.

Also, alcoholic beverages reduce the production of antidiuretics — hormones that retain water. For this reason, you need to drink a lot to quickly remove decomposition products of toxic substances.

A hangover is not harmless at all, especially if you “suffer” from it often. Heavy drinkers have eposides of short-term memory loss, regular mood variations, anxiety appears. This is due to formation of cytokine molecules in blood during processing of alcohol. With regular consumption of beer, vodka, wine, the level of cytokines exceeds the permissible values, and onset of irreversible processes in brain activity occurs.

Why you need to eliminate hangover

A hangover is nothing else than poisoning of the body with ethanol decomposition products. The severest intoxication develops, which negatively affects the state of health, makes it impossible to solve the usual tasks – the head does not think, the legs do not hold, and so on. That is why the syndrome needs to be eliminated – but not with the notorious “100 grams,” but with appropriate medicinal products. This will improve the condition, ease intoxication and prevent the development of persistent dependence. In addition, the correct elimination of hangover leads to a decrease in cytokine concentrations and, accordingly, protects brain cells.

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