Restoring health: why diets are not always enough

Follow a diet — such advice is given by nutritionists, gastroenterologists, and other specialists. After all, proper nutrition is the key to slenderness and an excellent figure. But still, the diet does not always work — both in terms of weight loss and body revitalization.

We will figure out when auxiliary measures are needed, and why complex body purification, the intake of dietary supplements is recommended.

Why it is difficult to lose weight by dieting

Diets can be either therapeutic or intended for weight loss, but the first to come to mind are the latter. A diet with limited calorie content should in theory help to lose weight, but in practice it is not always possible to achieve an ideal figure.

Causes of the problem:
1. Useless portion cuts — to lose weight, it is enough to reduce the usual calorie intake by 20%. Hungry rations will transfer the body into a combat readiness regime — for a hunger strike. This means that the fat will begin to deposit actively, and the process of weight loss will stop.
2. Significant breaks between meals are a direct way to stop the metabolism. The body slows down, stops spending energy as needed, and, again, you are not losing weight.
3. Frequent snacks — nibbling can give you a lot of extra centimeters, especially if you prefer taking useless high-calorie food. If you do not know how to calculate the number of calories, you are at risk of putting on weight “out of the blue”.
4. Improper regimen — lack of sleep and a sedentary lifestyle interferes with proper metabolism and leads to obesity. So if you eat a little, and the kilograms do not go away, it may be worth sleeping more and moving more actively.
5. The wrong diet — a sharp restriction of calorie intake, monoration, and a poor-fat diet can lead to the fact that you will not lose weight, and then gain even more. It’s better to choose proper diets, not meager ones.

And yet – when losing weight, take vitamin supplements. They will support the body, strengthen the health.

Will proper nutrition help recover?

If we talk about chronic diseases and their effective therapy, then yes, proper nutrition is very important. A diet is needed for the kidneys, liver, and digestive tract organs, it normalizes their condition, accelerates blood purification, elimination of toxins, and helps the problematic organ recover. But only proper nutrition for cirrhosis or hepatitis is not enough — you need to take medications prescribed by your doctor, and correct the lifestyle. The diet itself will not provide persistent improvements.
Everyone always needs a proper diet — people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle live longer and better. Combine the diet with normal sleep and rest, regular physical activity — many problems will stay away from you for a long time. It is also advisable to take biological supplements.

Betargin is rich in amino acids, some of which are essential and are not synthesized by the body itself.

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