Secrets of health of heart and vessels

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of mortality worldwide. 100% prevention of potential problems is impossible, but, with the attentive attitude to health, risks can be minimized. If you already have abnormalities in the cardiovascular system, or just want to support the body, follow the recommendations provided below.

Everyone is at risk

And this is not an exaggeration — a number of factors influence the state of the blood vessels and the heart, and many of them have negative nature.

Everyone is at risk, but the following people are at the highest risk of encountering cardiovascular pathologies:

  • persons with overweight — with obesity, hypertension develops 5-6 times more often;
  • patients with high cholesterol — plaques are formed on the walls of blood vessels, which narrow the lumen, impair blood flow;
  • smokers, drinkers;
  • people leading a sedentary lifestyle.

    The right diet is important as well — a moderate amount of fat, a minimum of salt, a full set of vitamins, trace elements. Persons ignoring preventive measures face problems much more often.

Alarm bells

An infarction develops quickly, it comes suddenly, and the effects on health are extremely negative. Everyone should know the signs of cardiovascular pathologies in order to sound the alarm and take measures in time. A blurred clinical pattern can make it difficult to self-diagnose — a patient complains of difficulty breathing, and he is prescribed with asthmatic drugs. In diabetes mellitus, heart pain may be absent at all. Another alerting factor is rapid fatigability in conventional physical exertion, the appearance of shortness of breath.

What to do?

Call a doctor urgently — the ambulance team will make a cardiogram, give you a referral to the hospital, prescribe medicines. A surgery is not always necessary, but if experts recommend it, go under the knife. Rehabilitation after intervention will depend on adherence to medical prescriptions and lifestyle correction.

Be sure to change the nutrition. Saturated fats is one of the main risk factors in the development of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, as they increase cholesterol levels, change blood clotting, cause thrombosis. Restrict foods rich in saturated fatty acids to improve the condition of the heart, blood vessels. For cardiac patients, trans-isomers of fatty acids and cholesterol-containing products will also be banned. The presence of proteins, carbohydrates, omega-3 and omega-6 in the diet is mandatory.

To strengthen the heart and blood vessels, regular dynamic exercises, outdoor activities such as skating, skiing, running, swimming, biking, water aerobics, are needed. It will be better to forget about statics, weight-lifting exercises — besides the beautiful relief, they put an excessive load on the joints, increase blood pressure. Follow special complexes for cardiac patients, watch your pulse (it should not be more than 120 beats per minute).

Are medicinal products needed?

Use of supplements in some cases is justified and necessary. For example, Betargin is a source of arginine, betaine, has a balanced composition, effectively normalizes the function of the hepatobiliary system. Amino acid complex is useful for the liver, blood vessels, heart, other body organs and systems. Its dosage form is solution in glass containers and sticks.

Use of Betargin would allow:

  • to purify the blood;
  • to eliminate toxins;
  • to normalize metabolism;
  • to purify the vessels;
  • to strengthen the heart muscle.
This supplement helps in losing weight, supports healthy heart, liver, provides the necessary energy for training. It speeds up recovery, eliminates toxins in poisoning, supports health at any age. The supplement is allowed for use in adults, children over 3 years old. Contraindications include pregnancy, lactation, individual sensitivity to the medicinal product ingredients, urolithiasis and cholelithiasis in the acute stage.

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