Symptoms of asthenia

Asthenia is a psychopathological disorder associated with a number of diseases. It is manifested by general fatigue, decreased performance, problems with sleep, pronounced irritability, and autonomic disorders. Asthenic syndrome is not an independent disease, but a symptom of another systemic pathology, therefore, for successful recovery, the root cause of the problem must be determined accurately.

The condition is usually treated by correcting the diet, lifestyle, using neuroprotectors, adaptogens, psychotropic substances. Good results in the management are achieved by using Betargin. Betargin can have different forms, indicated for children and adults.

Types and causes of onset

Asthenic syndrome accompanies various medical pathologies, recovery periods after operations, injuries, and somatic disorders. It needs to be distinguished from general mental and physical fatigue — the fatigue disappears after rest, but asthenia does not, it develops gradually, requires proper management.

Causes of asthenia:

  • continuous stress and, as a result, nervous breakdown;
  • metabolism disorder;
  • nutritional deficiencies;
  • increased consumption of energy resources;
  • poisoning;
  • other factors, including chronic, acute pathologies.

The organic form is associated with progressive systemic pathologies of an organic nature, the functional one is the body’s response to over-fatigue or stress, an acute disease. Hyperform is characterized by hyperexcitability, while hypoform — by drowsiness, lethargy. By the nature of its course, the pathology can be chronic and acute.


The condition may manifest itself in different ways, but usually it disturbs adults:

  • psycho-emotional disorders — irritability, aggression, neurosis, lethargy, etc.;
  • autonomic disorders — blood pressure spiking, heart rate malfunction, constipation, migraines;
  • sleep disorders.

Symptoms in the morning are usually mild or not pronounced at all, they increase during the day. In order to prescribe a successful treatment, the doctor must distinguish between the symptoms of the underlying disease, the syndrome itself, the person’s reaction to changes in the psycho-emotional plan. The main purpose of diagnosis is to determine the root cause of the pathology.


To accelerate the recovery of the patient, it is necessary to normalize work and rest schedules, if the main source of stress is work, then take a vacation. It is very important to correct diet by relying on products rich in vitamins B. There should be a comfortable psychological atmosphere at home and at work. Following are prescribed for patients: magnolia-vine, eleutherococcus, as well as vitamin therapy. In addition, it is often recommended to add dietary supplements to the diet, for example, Betargin. A more specific treatment can be prescribed by a psychiatrist, neurologist, psychotherapist after conducting a detailed examination.

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