The perfect companion for bright autumn!

For many people, autumn is a time of rains and overcast weather, a time of colds and exacerbations of diseases, a time of depression and fatigue. No fun at all …

To make the autumn season much more positive and energetic, let’s take care of ourselves, support and strengthen our body. An ideal assistant on this path is Betargin complex, which consists of the essential amino acids arginine and betaine, as well as citrate ions.

This French product is intended, first of all, to improve the function of the most important organs — heart and liver, it allows you to provide all systems with oxygen, and therefore energy.

Betargin also promotes rapid and complex body purification from toxins, which significantly improves overall health, eliminates asthenia.

Citrate ions improve digestion, which is especially important in the autumn season, when a change in diet occurs.

Betargin is irreplaceable for those who watch their figure all year round, and not only in summer. Betaine in its composition contributes to the breakdown of fats in the liver cells and metabolism normalization, and arginine prevents aging of blood vessels, lowers cholesterol level, and helps maintaining muscular mass.

The cosmetic effects of Betargin are worth mentioning, too

Arginine helps to improve microcirculation, due to which the skin gains healthier look. Cosmetic action is supplemented by betaine, which retains moisture in the cells and normalizes the fatty balance of the skin.

Betargin would help maintaining the internal and external health of our precious organism, which means prolonging youth!

Have a bright and merry autumn!

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