TOP liver damaging factors

We all know that if the liver is sick, the whole body suffers. Another thing is that not everyone knows how to protect their health and prevent the development of serious problems. In the case of the liver, knowledge of the enemies in the face and the adoption of preventive measures will help. For example, if you understand how harmful it is to drink alcohol, it will be easier to abandon it in principle. Let us consider the TOP-5 liver damaging factors.

Fatty food

Fatty foods are harmful to the waist, and to health in general. It creates a huge burden on the stomach and liver, which is forced to pass oily substances, not soluble in water, through itself. If a lot of fat enters, its accumulation will begin in small vesicles inside the cells. At first, nothing bad will happen, although unpleasant symptoms like heaviness in the right side, nausea, rapid fatigability can appear.

If an individual rarely eats much fat, the body manages to recover. If you eat junk food permanently, the liver will begin to become inflamed, and its cells will break down. As a result, natural degreasing processes will stop, and the body will begin to poison itself. So stick to your diet.

Chemical preparations

Medicinal products treat some problems and cause others, and frequently these others are associated with our liver. If, in any ailment, you run to the pharmacy for a pill, do not be surprised at the appearance of characteristic symptoms of the organ damage.

With prolonged treatment or the constant use of certain drug products, the liver’s resource runs out, the tissues begin to become inflamed, and the drug-induced hepatitis develops. The rate of progression of the pathology depends on a specific body — some people swallow handfuls of tablets for several years, while a couple of days of therapy with a potent medicinal product are enough for others.

The only way to prevent drug-induced hepatitis is to not take any medicines at all. If this is not possible, watch out for changes in your condition. You should be alert for such reactions as vomiting, nausea, bitterness and belching, yellow sclera, skin, dark urine, lightened feces, and a loss of appetite. A mild form of drug-induced hepatitis can be cured; advanced ones are fraught with liver necrosis and death.


Regular libations are like a hit in the liver with a sledgehammer. If you consume no more than 20 ml of pure alcohol at a time (for example, a glass of wine, 50 g of vodka), there will be no problems, but only a few people can set their limits to such an amount. With constant abuse, the liver begins to work at the breaking point, some cells can not withstand the burden and die, being replaced by fatty structures and connective tissues. There is only one outcome — cancer and cirrhosis.

Women get drunk mostly faster. The fact is that, due to the characteristics of their body, alcohol cannot be actively metabolized, and severe liver pathologies develop many times faster than in men. The main catch is that the liver is a patient organ. You may not be aware of the existence of problems for a long time, and then it will be too late to take action.

Smoked meats

Fish, chicken, other meat with a smoke — it is incredibly tasty and terribly harmful. Smoked meats are processed with soot and tar, and molten fat, falling on the coals, turns into benzapyrene. The dish turns out a very poisonous, carcinogenic delicacy, which is better not to consume even on major holidays. Meat soaked in liquid smoke is no less harmful. Regular gormandizing with these products will kill both the stomach and the liver.

Spicy foods

Pungent foods are also incredibly harmful to the body. This includes not only vigorous seasonings, but also garlic, onions, radishes, garden radishes. The liver responds to their consumption with increased production of bile, which gets stuck in the ducts and causes the formation of calculi. A small grain of sand in the bile duct over six months can grow into a full-fledged calculus, and the consequences are no good at all. The lovers of horseradish, ketchup, vinegar, lemons, sorrel, sauerkraut are at risk.

You should not underestimate the regular effects of factors provoking liver destruction. They slowly but surely kill the cells, which subsequently do not recover. Save the liver — exclude the contacts with its main enemies. If you need to restore the body, Betargin will help.

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