Toxins? What are they?

Today, we have already come to understanding that we require proper nutrition, rejection of pernicious habits, and sports activities to be young, healthy, fit, full of energy, strength, attractive, in demand, and sexy. But there are invisible pests that are able to reduce all our efforts to nothing — these are various kinds of toxins that attack our body tirelessly. And if you think that toxins have nothing to do with you, you are deeply mistaken, unfortunately …
There are many routes for penetration of toxins into the body — in various diseases, after taking any groups of drug products, especially for a long time, after eating foods that have been processed and stored for a long time (which is almost all we eat), because of poor quality water (which is almost all our water), due to polluted air (almost all air). Also, a lot of toxins are generated inside our body as a result of disorders in function of many organs and systems, in deteriorated microbial composition in the intestine, even if we are not aware of these disorders.

How is intoxication (the presence of a large number of toxins in the body) manifested?

It can be manifested in many different ways, from mild weakness, digestive disorders, lack of appetite, problems with the skin, hair, bowel problems, sexual asthenia, fatigue and so on. Later, more serious health problems, constant fatigue, depression, rapid aging etc. are added.

So that all our efforts to maintain health and youth would not be vain, we need to help the body to eliminate toxic burden as much as possible and restore normal function of the liver, heart and blood vessels, as they are primarily exposed to all toxic effects.

Betargin is a French medicinal product for restoration of the liver functions, trusted by doctors and valued by consumers for many years. Betargin contains unique natural ingredients in its composition – arginine, betaine, citrate ions, which provide a multicomplex action for elimination of the effect of any toxins not only on the liver, but also on the whole body.

Betaine is a natural lipotrope (a substance preventing fatty degeneration of the liver). Liver filling with fat is not only errors in the diet, but also the result of exposure to certain toxic substances, including alcoholic beverages. After a period of gradual filling of liver cells with fat, the process of their inflammation and development of serious liver diseases begins. Betaine helps to retain moisture in the tissues to improve the skin appearance, maintain lipid balance, as well as restore the membranes of the liver cells, normalize their functions.

Arginine is one of the most beneficial amino acids in the body. Its roles are very diverse, but perhaps the most important are the enhanced neutralization of toxins penetrated into the body and elimination of the consequences of toxic burden on the body. A very important effect of arginine is the ability to improve microcirculation and supply tissues with oxygen, which additionally contributes to the rapid elimination of substances harmful to the body. This not only improves well-being, but also helps to improve the appearance of skin and hair by increasing blood supply. The unique property of arginine is its ability to produce a large number of energy molecules, which improves health, provides a surge of strength and energy, increases efficiency, increases sexual energy.

Citrate ions help to improve appetite and digestion.

Due to the unique composition of its ingredients and integrated teamwork, Betargin helps to eliminate harmful effects of toxins and rapidly remove their decomposition products from the body, strengthen and revive the function of the liver, heart and blood vessels. And all this contributes to the overall rejuvenation of the body!

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