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Betargin against atherosclerosis

Everything about atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis is a systemic disease of the blood system, which is accompanied by damage to large vessels and arteries. Malnutrition, consumption of… Read more

How is cirrhosis treated?

Excess fibrous tissue leads to a change in the structure of the organ, cirrhosis gradually begins to develop. Fibrous tissue in large volumes begins to… Read more

Lipid metabolism disorders

In this article we will discuss what fat metabolism is, manifestations and potential hazards of its disorders. Diseases associated with problematic lipid metabolism constitute a… Read more


Parties are mainly accompanied by alcohol; many people drink to relax, relieve stress. Much has been said and written about the harm of alcohol consumption,… Read more

Asthenic syndrome

Fatigue is a normal condition of the body, which was forced to endure increased loads for some time. The problems begin not with the onset… Read more


Liver pathologies are very often diagnosed by modern doctors. The main problems are associated with impaired metabolic functions of the organ. They develop as a… Read more

Symptoms of asthenia

Asthenia is a psychopathological disorder associated with a number of diseases. It is manifested by general fatigue, decreased performance, problems with sleep, pronounced irritability, and… Read more

How to reduce acetone

Acetone in the body of an adult or a child appears in association with various pathologies. If an acute viral infection is diagnosed, the body… Read more

Healthy lifestyle rules

Healthy lifestyle for someone is a tribute to fashion, but many people really cannot imagine their life in a different way. This concept refers to… Read more

Toxins? What are they?

Today, we have already come to understanding that we require proper nutrition, rejection of pernicious habits, and sports activities to be young, healthy, fit, full… Read more
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